Where Is Dulwich College London? (Minicabs are the Best Way To Approach There)

Where Is Dulwich College?

Where is Dulwich

Where is Dulwich

OK! Before come across to Dulwich College, it’s better to know geographically about that Where is Dulwich situated? The Dulwich is consists of various different parts. But the area belong with Dulwich College is at southeast London United Kingdom.

These days this college is not only limited in England but there are various branches all over the world such as South Korea and China. The Dulwich College was made by Edward Alleyn who was famous Elizabethan theatre actor. The motto to form this educational centre is to educate 12 poor students but now it has 15000 boys. Yes! It is boys school and initially started as foundation known as “God Gift” in 1619.

It is also called as Dulwich College London and it will celebrate its four hundred anniversary in 2019. This school or college is very beautiful and have its own boathouse on River Thames along with huge ground around the structure.

There are several paths from London to Dulwich School by road. Many types of public transports are also available. But the best and easiest way is to hire private Dulwich Minicab. Because it has many services which facilitate the passengers throughout the journey.  This boys school is situated in such region of England where greenery is spread all over. So it is better to travel via Dulwich Taxis.

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  1. Dulwich no doubt has many historic resorts. But one of them is Dulwich College which you explained in your article. Nice Information.


  2. Dulwich is one of the best places in the United Kingdom.

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