What Is London Eye Mystery

The capital city of United Kingdom is the best place for families and especially for children. Because this world’s heritage zone is developing and establishing which are changing day by day.  There are numerous play lands, parks, gardens, toy lands, cafes and Ferris wheel etc situated in this region related for kids.

What is London Eye?

London Eye

London Eye

No doubt the Ferris wheels are one of the best places for kids. But the Ferris wheels about which we are talking about is not just for kids but this is the most tourists attracting making resort in London. On the other hand it is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and well known as London Eye.

Where is the London Eye?

This former world record maker resort is located in South Bank of River Thames at London United Kingdom. It is 135 metres tall which is equal to 443 ft along with diameter of 120 metres or you can say that 394 ft.  It was completed in 31st December 1999 but not opened for public until 9 March 2000 due to technical issues. It was made by the orders of former Prime Minister Mr. Tony Blair.

But remember there are many other sites too which are attracting people towards United Kingdom like; Dulwich College and Manchester City. These cities have their own taxi services such as Dulwich Minicab and Manchester Taxis etc.

There are many special offers related to tickets for London Eye which makes it the most tourist attraction catching place in London and people desire to visit London eye while adopting various routes. Many people want to come here after hiring London Minicabs, even there is a huge space for parking. However; The London Eye Mystery can be solved by visiting this place personally.

Below are the London Eye Pictures to enjoy!

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  2. London Eye is one of my best place. Please! share something about Dulwich. Because it is my home town.

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