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Elvaston Castle Country Park

A once-great Victorian garden which now looks, in Patrick Taylor’s phrase, ‘slightly dishevelled’. The garden-as-it-was is shown on the front cover of Brent Elliott’s book on Victorian gardens, and described on pages 83-87. There were 11 miles of evergreen hedges, an Alhambra garden a French garden and others. The present owners have made an Old English Garden in what was ... Read More »

Great places to see: Orchids

Exotic, seductive and just a little bit curious, orchids are one of the UK’s most unusual group of flowering plants.Many species of orchid need carefully managed habitats and have specialist requirements. Some can be locally scarce and difficult to find, whilst others provide spectacular vistas of flower spikes numbering in their thousands in favourable years.     Read More »

Great places to see Otters

With more and more otters to be found across the UK, sometimes in some rather surprising places, the chances of spotting an otter have never been better. They have been returning to traditional lowland haunts and establishing themselves firmly in busy urban centres, often becoming used to people and active in broad daylight.   Read More »

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