Great places of birds

Great places to see thousands of birdsCoastline and wetlands in autumn and winter are some of the best places to visit to see one of the UK’s most awe-inspiring sights – thousands of flocking birds. 

Whether it’s geese, swans, waders or starlings, the sounds and sights of flocking birds are one of the UK’s iconic autumn wildlife spectacles. With breeding completed for another year and migrants coming and going, many birds seek the company of their fellows and congregate in huge flocks.  

Along the UK’s coastlines wading birds gather to feed, often coming together in large numbers to roost at dusk or forced close to shore by returning tides.

Starling murmurations are also synonymous with autumn and winter. Thousands of individuals congregate to form tight swirling masses of birds before settling to roost, creating sinuous, liquid patterns against the darkening sky.

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