British tourist sparks search after leaving belongings near ‘suicide spot’ in Tasmania

tasA British holidaymaker sparked a search and rescue mission after his belongings were found left at a notorious ‘suicide spot’ in Tasmania.

Student Jo Stuttle, who is currently enjoying a gap-year tour Down Under, had actually gone on a night out and ended up going home with a girl he met.

But when he returned to get his stuff the next day, he found dozens of officers looking for him.

According to the Daily Star, police had even contacted his parents in Billingborogh, Lincolnshire, to tell them their son was missing.

But Jo admitted he spent the night with two local girls after leaving his tent empty and his bike and bag – containing his passport – chained to a fence.

According to the Daily Telegraph, he said: “It’s a long story. I met someone and slept in Launceston.

“I had a great night but when I came back in the morning, I found my bike stolen. Thankfully there were 30 officers in hiking gear from state police so I asked them… and it turned out they were looking for me.

“There was an incredible fuss but it really is a reflection of the fantastic work of Tasmanian police. They were efficient, fast and friendly.”

He added that even though there’d been a formal press announcement, and police had organised search parties, they were simply happy he’d been found alive.

Mr Stuttle said: “When I sauntered back like an idiot, they didn’t even seem to mind. They were just happy I was safe.”

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