Best Destinations to Visit in London!


London is perhaps the most popular city that was the epicenter of the power and prestige if the British Empire. Nowadays, it still maintains the same standard and prestige that it has for several centuries, which is why people opt to visit this place at least once in their lifetime. Below are a few locations that will definitely be of interest for you if you ever decide to visit the cultural capital of the British Isles for yourself.
– Big Ben: Big Ben’s popularity and its survival for centuries is a trademark that represents the history of London and its survival as a modern metropolis for centuries. Located on the bank of river Thames right beside the British Parliament, which is another historic monument, it is an eye catching attraction that still stands tall on the London Skyline and among the hearts of the citizens of the UK.
– London Eye: How amazing is it that the world’s largest Ferris wheel is located in London on the River Thames? The London eye has floored as one of London’s most iconic attractions in recent years. The breathtaking view that you get on top is mesmerizing, such that people ravel thousands of miles just to enjoy that view. It is a must see attraction in London that you must visit at all cost during your trip to the UK.
– Madame Tussauds: This name does not require any introduction. It is definitely one of the worlds most renowned and popular museums filled with wax figures of some of the most influential figures in modern history. Most of these statues have even been visited by many popular personalities as well.
Visit all of these places at all cost, however you may think that will visit all of these locations be a huge burden on your travel expenses? That depends on which kind of transportation you are acquiring for your visit. Taxis are a personal favorite of many people, primarily because it is cheap and far more convenient. Hire services like Reading Taxis and enjoy the London experience unlike anyone.

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